BumBum Glue and God

My children do not sit still. Maybe it is their age. Maybe it is their personalities. Maybe it is that it rains for days straight. I don’t know the reason. All I know is that I seem to move in slow motion compared to them.

I hear myself saying “Sit down, Kathryn.” “Come back here, girl!” “Get down!” “Put it down, Stephanie.” all day long. I just WISH I could glue them to a chair for a few moments.

My wish came true through a friend Keri, who recently told me about her idea for what we have modified to call “BumBum Glue”. What is it?

A carpet square. Each of my girls now has one in a different color (even Rachael!), and when it is time for devotions, storytime, or any other time that I need them to settle down and sit still, I yell “BumBum glue!” And watch as they scramble to get their square and sit on it. (“BumBum” being our in house term for backside, gluteus maximus… you get the idea.)

Last week I got a square for me. It had been a hectic day. I was still in “rush mode” at 5pm when I was busily trying to do something on the laptop, listen to voicemail, and fix dinner all at the same time. To head off the inevitable five o’clock “whine and hover” in the kitchen, I told the girls to go play in the living room until dinner was ready.

Kathryn, however, had been feeling neglected all day. So she brought out her square, plopped it down in the middle of the kitchen floor and said “Mom. Mom! BumBum Glue! I have something to tell you!”

So I glanced at the oven and obliged, sitting cross-legged on her carpet square. She stood with her hand on my shoulder, looking into my eyes, and shared with me that she had made her dolly stand up on her feet. I can’t say I really understood the accomplishment, but I feigned excitement for her. Her eyes shone with pride. Then she was off, grinning, leaving me on the carpet square, eye level with the gravy splash on the bottom cabinet door that I hadn’t noticed before, considering seriously how to unfold my legs to get up again. I only had to sit for a minute for her to be satisfied to have had my attention.

Nothing in the oven burned. My emails didn’t ominously delete. The voicemails were still there to be listened to. And I had been able to add another small wrinkle of depth to my relationship with my daughter.

I can imagine God has His own version of BumBum glue for me. That cold that knocked me out. Slow down, Donna. The van at the mechanics. Relax, Donna. The meeting postponed for the umpteenth time. Let go, Donna. The vision that is not yet in His timing. Be still, Donna.

In fact, He tells me in His Word to “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psa 46:10) The word “still” has some interesting meaning – relax, sink down, let drop, to let go, to be quiet. Check that out. God tells us to just drop everything and sit down and be quiet. Sounds like BumBum Glue to me.

What is it that should drive us to drop everything? What does He desire for us in our stillness? To know – by experience – that He is God. Not just head knowledge. Experiential knowledge.

That experience brings with it a sense of utter and complete awe at what He does. The entire chapter underscores the earth shattering, raging water power that is His. And yet at the same time, notes that it is in that indescribable power that we have a refuge in time of trouble. We are in relationship with the ALL POWERFUL ONE. How safe.

John Piper said it best. “Come to God. Take refuge in God. Hide in the shadow of his wings. This is where we live and serve with joyful trembling. It is terrible and it is wonderful. It is like the eye of a hurricane-terror all around, and totally beautiful and calm. Here there is sweet fellowship. Here is quiet, loving communion. Here we speak to him as to a friend. Here he ministers to our deepest needs. I invite you to come.”

When was the last time you experienced God? Sit your bumbum down for a minute in front of His Word. Get a carpet square if you have to.

BumBum Glue. Now isn’t that a good idea? Don’t know where you got it from, but thanks for sharing it with me, Keri!


4 Responses to “BumBum Glue and God”

  1. dinosdime Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.When we get to busy for God, well guess what, we’re to busy period! Let go and Let God. Life is easier with Jesus at the wheel, and me in the passenger side.People ask me all the time,do you worry about anything? my answer is no! I let God do that, He can do a much better job! dinosdime

  2. Kristy Says:

    Wow. The things we can learn from the little children. Thank you for sharing and applying the lessons from a child. For those of you with little children, enjoy this time and learn from those little ones because one day they will grow up and as you teach them they will begin to apply all these little lessons from God’s Word and hold you accountable. Although that may seem tough, it is a blessing to know that what they hold me accountable for it what I have taught them. Thank you for teaching me how to think like a child and relate to God in the simplicity of a child. Kristy

  3. mommylou Says:

    EXACTLY!! I needed to hear that.

  4. Gina Johnson, BA, CPDT Says:

    Donna you are so awesome. After finishing your article I turned off the tv (with Martha talking about about flower arrangements) and turned on my worship music. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

    And on a less spiritual note, I love your term “Bumbum Glue!”. As the “mom” of a canine fur child and a professional dog trainer, I have to laugh at how much good dog training is similiar to good child rearing (just watch Super Nanny and It’s Me or the Dog” to see what I mean). I train dogs to “Go to the Rug” which means go to a carpet rectangle or pad and lay down and stay until released. I am sure my dog would like to send me to my rug to get my attention when I am to busy to interact with him. Now when he barks at me I will know he is trying to communicate Bumbum Glue!

    My Lord is now going to get my full attention before I rush off to prepare for Basic Obedience Class. Our Lord definately speaks to us in a whisper. How many times have we missed out on all He has to tell us about….like being obedient to His Call and how much he loves us, just the way we are.

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